Building kit construction

Easy for DIY/owner-builders and trades

Special note for DIY/owner-builders

  • If DIY building, you must have previous building experience or at least an experienced person you know who is happy to help you
  • It’s very easy for tradespeople and builders to follow the pre-engineered kit specifications and instructions
  • As soon as you place the deposit for your building kit, you’ll receive a complete set of resources such as:
    • Engineering documentation to show the mandatory requirements for certified structural integrity
    • Simple set of instructions to show how the building kit and its parts are put together
    • Fast-motion video to show the usual sequence of assembly for on-site planning purposes
    • Step-by-step focus videos on different parts of the construction process (where available)
  • Your kit will arrive with a fully detailed list of all components for you to check within 48 hours
  • Once your construction begins, if you hit a snag, just sing out and one of our ‘pod experts’ will help you

Once you get to the lock-up stage, you can really start to save with local discount offers on flooring with installation, for example, choosing your own bathroom fittings and having a plumber install them for you, etc. Either have your builder continue your project through to completion or take over the final stage.

Why get construction quotes ‘to the lock-up stage’ and not ‘to completion’

  • After many years of experience, our advice to customers with dealing with builders is to “make sure you’re comparing apples to apples”. This approach will eliminate any confusion between what different providers are including/excluding. There are simply too many variables involved for any builder to quote on a complete building – from the toilet roll holders up – and so the tendency (for contingency) is always to err on the high side. The winning provider with the lowest quote may start excluding/downgrading items thought to be included, to get within the quote, and this is where it can get very tricky. Take our advice:
    • Ask them all for… “a quote to construct my building to the lock-up stage, including this number of piers and these windows/doors… ” using links to show the flatpack building kit of your choice and added extras, or
    • Show the builder your design plan or architectural drawings with our ‘Guide For Builders’ flyer, asking for a quote to the lock-up stage,

Need your design done for you? Click here.

Simply show an example you like, sketch it out, or tell us your needs. Get a professional design done of your building interior and exterior including perspectives with/without your exterior colours.