Generating your quote

Self-service obligation-free pricing

STEP ONE: Choose your flatpack building kit (size, style, colour)

  • Check your order specifications carefully. If you’re using an architect, builder, or similar, have them double-check your specifications for you. We try to help but customer service is no substitute for professional advice to ensure your specifications are perfect for your project.
    • Some extras will be suggested by your shopping cart, such as:
      • The necessary number of piers to go with your building size, and
      • The area quantity of internal lining kits if you choose to line with plasterboard, etc
    • Choose whether/not you’d like eaves (as purists, we usually prefer having no eaves!)
    • Choose whether/not you’d like a deck, veranda, or both
    • Add internal wall framing if you’ve got a design and you know the linear metres

STEP TWO: Choose your glazing (windows, doors)

  • You can choose from our range of double-glazed doors and windows or choose any style you like elsewhere
    • If you buy elsewhere, tell us the opening sizes and we’ll supply your steel lintels to order

STEP THREE: Add any custom options

  • Prefer a custom Colorbond roof instead of the standard Zincalume?
  • Custom-cut sizing (width/length/height) is available – small surcharge
  • Would you like some special plates for attaching lights, etc, to external corrugated walls?


We’re always happy to help.

Need your design done for you? Click here.

Simply show an example you like, sketch it out, or tell us your needs. Get a professional design done of your building interior and exterior including perspectives with/without your exterior colours.