Basic flat-pack veranda and deck kit – the perfect extra for your backyard pod

Inclusions: Fully engineered as a Class 1 (Habitable Dwelling), prefabricated in Australia from quality materials, the Steeline Hunter backyard pod kit is easily enhanced by the addition of a deck and veranda. Basic flat-pack deck and veranda kit includes flooring system (add your own decking material); heavy-duty supports; low-profile skillion Zincalume® roof; guttering system; screws and fixings; full drawings and instructions for DIY installation or local tradesperson; optional foundation piers. Choose from the full range of Colorbond® colours to match with your pod.

Exclusions: Add your own choice of decking material (eg: timber decking or eco-wood decking) to the deck surface and surrounding edges (recommended).

Dimensions: The finished deck and veranda is 2m-wide and 11m-long – ideal for matching with any pod kit in 11m-length .

Shipping: Any auto-estimates are approximate and depend on the details of your location, proposed site, and kit. We will quote shipping specifics before finalising your order.

Payment:  If you need a quote on shipping and/or installation before finalising your order, we hold your order (without obligation) pending final confirmation and payment of a separate sales invoice.

Sample pod kit with matching deck and veranda kit completed

Get basic installation (where available)

We do not install pod kits directly, however, in most locations there are independent pod installers and licensed builders available to help with your pod installation and any custom requirements. At the most basic level, when people want to do the interior finishing and any outside additions by themselves, installation (if available in your area) usually includes:

  • Preparation of foundations (if using foundation piers) providing the site is level and there are no obstructions such as tree roots, rock, paving, piping, etc
  • On-site assembly of the basic kit as per the materials specified in your chosen kit, providing the materials have been delivered and/or transferred to the point of assembly
  • Installation of basic extras:
      • choice of decking material (purchased separately)
      • downpipe and roofwater dispersion/storage/disposal (purchased separately)

You can negotiate with your installer for just basic installation as above, or more advanced pod finishing and customisation.

If we are unable to assist by introducing you to an installer in your area, you can probably find a local tradesperson to install your pod according to the instructions provided. If you’re handy with tools, you could probably put it together yourself with a little help from your friends. You can also find/purchase recycled materials through local sources.

*Pier allocation assuming deck being attached to Pod