Double-glazed awning-style window 600mm x 600mm

Double-glazed awning-style window 600mm x 600mm


Warranty: 6 years manufacturer’s guarantee
Reveal: Pre-primed finger-joined pine 92mm
Stud opening required: 675 mm (W) x 660 mm (H)

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Why choose double-glazed windows?

Do you know that a single-glazed aluminium-framed window will lose heat TEN TIMES FASTER than a corresponding area of insulated wall?

Across Australia, regulations which require all types of new homes to be more energy efficient are being introduced. The use of two pieces of glass, separated by a sealed air space, creates a highly effective insulation barrier that can minimise cold and heat from entering or leaving your home.  This air space makes it more difficult for heat to be transferred through conduction.

Polar Eco-View windows are a modular double-glazed window system which provides all the benefits that ‘insulated glass’ provides but at a lower cost than old-school window manufacturers. Traditionally, double-glazed windows are very heavy and usually require the use of lifting jigs or on-site glazing. Polar Eco-View windows have overcome this by manufacturing a modular system, whereby windows can be assembled on-site while maintaining structural strength. This overcomes the many manual-handling issues associated with ordinary double-glazed windows.

  • Manufactured from a 65mm aluminium extrusion to provide greater strength and security
  • Supplied with a protective film on the outside frame and glass to protect against accidental in-transit/on-site damage
  • Depending on your location, the windows will usually arrive within 3-4 weeks

Not only are double-glazed windows great for reducing energy consumption and associated costs, noise transference is also dramatically reduced – ideal for minimising traffic noise from outside where this is a problem, and any band rehearsals happening inside! Sure, double-glazed doors and windows are more costly than regular sliding aluminium windows, but we recommend them as a great investment in ongoing comfort, peace, and economy.

Complete window kit ready for installation

Polar Eco-View double-glazed windows include a lockable cam handle with 2 keys, and a timber reveal to surround your sliding door when installed. Optional frosting for privacy without loss of natural light. Available in three colours: black, silver grey, and white birch. Matching flyscreen available (the flyscreen pivots internally to allow for awning window operation). Awning-style windows are recommended for pod structures (without eaves) as they minimise the penetration of rain when a window is left open in wet weather.

Modular double-glazed window system

As a modular window system, Polar Eco-View double-glazed windows can be stacked vertically or horizontally for maximum versatility and to optimise your glazing requirements.

Fully compliant with Australian standards

Polar Eco-View windows have been independently tested in accordance with AS2047 through a certified NATA-approved laboratory achieving the following:

  • Structural performance rating of N3 / 1000 Pa
  • Water-resistance ratings to 225Kpa

Additional information

Frame colour

Black, Silver Grey, White Birch


Flyscreen for awning window 600mm x 600mm (matching frame colour), I'll do without, thanks


I'll do without, thanks, Window double glazed 600×600 opening frosted

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